« Life is a serie of experiences, each one of
which makes us bigger,
even tough sometimes it is hard to realize them. »

                                                                       Henry Ford

         How can I help you ? 

Life coach

How to adapt yourself in order to make the transition as successful as possible, being proactive about integrating and adapting to a new life is key. I will help with practical details and give you some advice to better enjoy a happy family quality of life in Belgium. 



Feeling lonely and sometimes desperate? I am there to help you and to prepare smoothly your project of having a baby in Belgium from the pre-natal to the post-natal period. I can also help you in finding doctors, clinics,…


Photo shooting

You want to send some important magical moments to your family abroad? I will be glad to take some natural pictures of your pregnancy, your baby or your family. At my place, your place or in the nature


Move/Leave Belgium

Need some practical help in arriving or leaving Belgium ? How to define your priorities ?
Organizing your life, family escapes throughout Belgium/Europe/…Together, we can do it more easily.

I reoriented myself by becoming a life coach (Elan Vital Institute of the BAO) after having worked for 20 years as a management assistant.

As a woman and mother of two, the world of pregnancy and perinatality has always attracted me; I continued my journey by following the formation of doula (AFDB).

Being with you before, during and/or after the birth is important, because life is not always easy with a baby, as a result, intense emotions, disorganized daily life (and that's normal), the reappropriation of your body without forgetting the new dynamics in your relationship. Especially when you are abroad, you do not have people you can rely on and who can listen/help you with practical matters.

I am delighted to do a job that gives me more energy and allows me to give to the woman, the mother, the man, the father who an emotional and informational support before, during and after birth.

 I am, moreover, co-founder of the non-profit organization "Les Câlineurs de Bébés", created a short time ago in Belgium. This association of volunteers aims to cuddle and offer moments of tenderness to toddlers, hospital. Numerous studies prove that a baby who is cared for very early with cuddles, soft words, kindness and attention will evolve better and safer.

I also continue to train: 
- October 2019 - June 2020 : 2nd year - training "Communication by Touch" (haptonomy)
- November 2018 - March 2019 : training method Succès Infini TM (trainee)

- February 2019 - June 2019 : training - organizer "ateliers philo" for children en teenagers (Fondation SEVE).


I speak fluently French, Dutch and English.