How can I help you ? 

Becoming a mother

As life coach & doula, I can help you in adapting yourself to make the transition as successful as possible; being proactive in integrating your new life as a « mother abroad » is essential. I will help you to better enjoy a happy family quality of life in Belgium. 
I can propose you pre & post-natal sessions, haptonomy, psychomotricity of the baby, wrapped emotional bath, rebozo ritual,…


During a photoshoot, you can experience a time for:

  • rediscover the wonderful woman who is in you;
  • reconnect to yourself;
  • bond with your baby, your child;
  • experience privileged moments of complicity with the family.

And then to review those magical memories together as many times as you feel the need to (kids love it!). I invite you to fully experience these “unique” moments, time flies so quickly.


Preparation for childbirth
Nathalie has welcomed us with so much kindness and compassion. As a first time expectant mother, even though I had a very easy pregnancy after all, the late stages were emotionally challenging. Through Haptonomy sessions, Nathalie managed to reassure me both emotionally and physically. My partner and I connected in a much deeper and significant way with our unborn baby. Nathalie’s very sweet voice and knowledge of the field made the whole experience very calm and serene.
We wholeheartedly recommend connecting with Nathalie for pre-natal sessions. Louisiana  & Pascal


Having spent a significant amount of hours in the labour ward of Gasthuisberg Hospital, Nathalie was a constant presence – first by phone and then physically. From the hours building up to the birth, to the birth itself, we could count on Nathalie for emotional support, the use of Rebozo, and the encouragement to use the bath to ease the contractions amongst others. Nathalie is very easy to speak to, and she has a very interesting personality, so my partner, herself and I were having very nice conversations, which were a huge help for me to handle the pain and discomfort. 
During the birth itself, Nathalie helped me a great deal. She was present without interfering with the midwives’ and doctor’s work, and she interacted with the medical staff in a seamless manner. Nathalie also managed to very discreetly take pictures of the amazing experience that is birth. 
Thank you very much Nathalie, it has been a blessing to meet you.
Louisiana & Pascal

Pre-natal photographer

A pregnancy is long, but boy time flies! Especially the last few weeks, we were so busy trying to finalise things that we didn’t even realise that due date was round the corner and we hadn’t taken the time to take a few pictures together – Partner, Baby Bump and I. Nathalie’s service as a photographer was really handy, since we had already been connected to her for pre-natal sessions (Haptonomy). Our photo session was very relaxed and easy going, just like we wanted it to be. We didn’t necessarily have to pose all that much, as we shared Nathalie’s view that sometimes, spontaneous pictures are the most precious. Moreover, being a Doula, Nathalie manages to capture the emotions of expectant parents.
We are extremely happy with the result as it immortalises a very special journey for us. We will definitely cherish these pictures for our daughter to see when she grows up.
We definitely recommend Nathalie’s service as a photographer. Louisiana & Pascal

Swaddled bath

We received useful advices on how to soothe the baby, to play and communicate with him creating a safe and comfortable environment. The experience of the swaddled bath was very relaxing for the baby and also for the parents, a truly blissful moment!
Pamela & Maarten


During a photo-therapy session, I accompany you in order to free you from the sufferings and emotions of the past which are often linked to the body: pregnancy, cancer, weight problem, physical changes difficult to accept, post-operative after-effects,… and to learn to love yourself for who you are.

With respect and empathy, I bring a different approach to undergoing « life transformations »; becoming a woman, a mother, a deep reconnection to « who I am », to my life mission, to illness, …

Photo : Laurent Christophe

 After a reorientation as a life coach and doula, I wanted through my passion, photography (therapy) to help moms explore the person they are deep within themselves, to see which is essential for them. For their confidence and their self-esteem because in every mother, there is a wonderfully imperfect mother.

I am a woman before being a wife and the mother of two children. Following my different trainings & my personal experience, I was able to go and meet « who I really am » and I now wish to share all my skills with you.

I am also co-founder of the non-profit organization « Les Câlineurs de Bébés » in Belgium. This association of volunteers’s mission is to cuddle and offer, in a hospital environment, moments of tenderness to toddlers.

Numerous studies prove that a baby taken care of emotionally very early by hugs, soft words, kindness and attention will develop better and in safety.

– Oct. 2018 – February 2023: Emotional preparation for birth 
(affective communication through touch (haptonomy)

– Sept. 2020 – June 2021:    Emotional support for the baby (autonomy/self-confidence & competences of the baby)
– Sept. 2020 & February 2021 : Photo-therapy trainings
  (with Emilie Danchin / Elodie Sueur Monsenert)
– July 2019 :  « Rebozo » ritual (massage 4 hands/body tightening with a Rebozo shawl)

– Nov. 2018 – March 2019:  Method « Succès Infini » TM (EFT / pendulum)

I am fluent in French, Dutch and English.