Parenting workshops

How to approach maternity leave in the world of work? How to communicate with the returning employee? Are you a manager, HR, coach and are you wondering about how to approach reintegration into work after a few months of absence? Do you want to find a solution to staff turnover within your company, demotivation, burn out or parental bore out and avoid the annual cost of disengagement of an employee?


As employer, how can you help your employees to reconnect to their needs, manage their emotions, and focus on their work, while finding a good balance with their private life. If you also want to offer them practical workshops to help them in their organization in their new parent life following return to work, I can offer different tools thanks to :
► Support the emotional side with discussions on what the person’s experiences (active listening), to lighten the stress and bring up the person’s energy to help them in this big change in their life;
► Sessions in different fields in order to manage a good work/private life conciliation (self-confidence and skills, better understanding of the baby’s needs, …).
My wish is to stimulate more confidence and serenity for parents so that they can better prepare for the return to work after several months of life, often alone (during the day) with their baby.
Different possibilities are available to you, according to the needs of your employees:

– general info sessions (two per year depending on the need) on how to prepare to become parents;

– workshops (the organization/motivation at work, manage his private/pro life, what are the signs of post-partum, the balance of the couple, how to organize my time otherwise, the syndrome of the perfect parent, manage the stress and the mental load, …).

These workshops can be face-to-face and/or virtual 
Organizing them in virtual could allow your employees of other subsidiaries to take advantage of those sessions.
In that way, you will have employees who will feel supported and motivated to work for your company, feeling your investment and your empathy after the birth of their baby. 

In addition, I also created a « gift box » to offer to your employees for the birth of the baby in which you can choose between an info session or a workshop (emotional support for baby by play (portage)), a session for a bath wrapped to untie the tensions following birth; a relaxing session of rebozo (tightening in 7 points of the body with a Mexican shawl, …)).


We received helpful tips on how to soothe, play and communicate with the baby by creating a safe and comfortable environment.
Pamela & Maarten


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